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Ergopharm 6-OXO

Ergopharm 6-OXO

The Real Way to Halt Estrogen

ErgoPharm, the hormone authority and creator of 1-AD™, has now developed the most effective natural compound to combat estrogen

6-OXO™ contains a naturally occurring aromatase inhibitor that is devoid of any direct hormonal or prohormonal activity (androgenic or estrogenic). It is what science refers to as a "suicide inhibitor" of aromatase. Specifically this means that it will irreversibly bind to the aromatase enzyme and permanently deactivate it. With prolonged use of 6-OXO the result will be a very substantial reduction in the production of estrogen in the body, along with a coinciding up-regulation of natural (testicular) testosterone production.

6-OXO contains a natural compound that combats estrogen formation. This is the first proven aromatase inhibitor, not some ineffective herb like chrysin or indole-3-carbinol that never delivered results.

Estrogen contributes to a host of unwanted side effects: water retention, gyno (bitch tits), testicular shutdown, and an overall smooth, soft look. So, to achieve and maintain a hard, muscular look, estrogen levels must be kept in check. Furthermore, by blocking estrogen biosynthesis, 6-OXO stimulates the pituitary gland to increase LH and thereby increasing natural testosterone production.

Any athlete interested in achieving a hard, lean physique. For those individuals who are coming off a prohormone/pro-steroid cycle, 6-OXO is the perfect product to restore balance to the hormonal environment.

6-OXO is an excellent product to use between cycles. Its unique structure works to combat estrogen formation while simultaneously increasing your own natural testicular testosterone production. Also, for those that have been predictably disappointed in the hype promised by Tribulus and other non-hormonal testosterone boosters, 6-OXO will deliver those elusive results.

60 Capsules

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